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[Saturday, 25 July 2009]
After the bombing in the Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott exploded Friday (17 / 7), Ibrohim, nurses, carpenters and governance interest, such as fleet with sirnanya whiff of smoke. Nearly without the former. Not only that we wonder where he disappeared, the police more dizzy again. For, among the nine serpihan victim's body, apparently does not have any meat secuil property Ibrohim. Hold, who he actually? Where?



Ibrohim the full mystery. Although her house in Jalan Kecil Cililitan 21, RT 3, RW 7, give a little background about the illustration, but he just figures that are difficult to read. A number of sources in the Jamaah Islamiyah does not claim to know that there kadernya called Ibrohim.

Entering the house, a two, we can be through two ways. Through a door in the floor or the stairs outside the house directly connected to the second floor.

Kusamnya likely to see residential building that has long abandoned. Front doors and windows, whether one or two floors, is left open. Tables, chairs, and various kitchen utensils in the room was thick dust terlapisi. Sofa in the living room has been perforated. Books and tools that are damaged so placed on top of it. The author tried the sheet-sheet paper and the book.

Second floor, besides a place to put a bed and mattress, also serve as a small library. Wall walls-old cat is not touched. In the west there is graffiti sketch of a multistory building (Ritz-Carlton tower?) And cartoons bertulisan "Bebi Dead." There are five levels of book shelves with books into. Formerly,''a book many. But, as has long left, taken people to sell,''said one resident.

In the house, Ibrohim lived since the age of junior high. The house was purchased Ahmad Rodhin Dja'far about 20 years ago. Then place the house five people. Namely, plus Rodhin wife and three sons: Ibrohim Muharram, Muhammad Syukri, and Mualif Suni. ''They actually have five children, but that took only three here. Ibrohim here called normal Aam. His name is Ibrohim Muharram. Panggilnya Aam,''said Chairman of the RT 3, RW 7, Tubagus Rudi

Ibrohim mother died several years after occupying the house. Follow his father about five years ago. After two parents are not available, the three brothers who occupy the house. Now, in early 2007, major flooding occurred. Ciliwung river that split the village Cililitan Small increases. Surface water to reach the peak home. ''After the flood, they never come back,''he said.

Neighbors did not know too many families. However, they are known as people-friendly and good. Especially Ibrohim. ''He always prayed that the congregation musala near the house. He is also very courteous to our neighbors,''he said.

Rudi said, Ibrohim only STM graduates. Youngest child between five brothers since the STM is still active in Islamic activities. STM graduate, he is active in the activities of one of the Islamic party. All her relatives''party cadres. Each time the campaign he was always active ngajakin people. The last time that fit pilkada Jakarta in 2007,''he said.

Documents at home to strengthen Ibrohim allegations that the father of four children are members of the party. In one of the books found in the house, there are notes about arkanul baiah (harmonious baiat) Hasan Al-Banna, the founder of the organization Ikhwanul Muslims in Egypt, which became the basis of education in the party propaganda. There are also seven-stage repair by Hasan Al-Banna. Muslims prepare for start time to prepare the establishment of Islam and became a teacher of the universe.

Slogan-slogan jihad is clearly visible. On the second floor room, for example. There are any posts Arab ring of God Ghoyatuna, Arrasul Qudwatuna, Dusturuna Al Quran, Al Jihadu Sabiluna, Almautu Penyengat Asma amanina. Sentence means that God our goal, our example of the Messenger, Al Quran guided us, our way of jihad, and die in the way of Allah, our goal is. There is also a sticker Party Keadilan Sejahtera measuring approximately 10 cm five times in one corner of the wall.

Spokesperson DPP MCC Ahmad Mabruri not know whether Ibrohim is kadernya. "If a sticker, can be purchased everywhere," he said. He asserts Islamic party PKS is a hard reject actions terror. "He question whether a member or sympathizer or what, I will first check to the local area," he said.

Background Rodhin, Ibrohim father, also a little terkuak. Two floors in the house, I find sheet decree (SK), which explains that the work on Rodhin Agency France-Presse, a news agency that famous bermarkas in France known as AFP. Letters of the French explain that Ahmad Rodhin Dja'far berposisi as assistant redaqcionnel polyvalent aupres du directur (which in English means more or less versatile editorial assistant to the director). Letters dated 31 March 1981 that showed that Rodhin get a salary of Rp 191,500. The rather large amount of salary for 80 years-an.

Islamic books also found in the house. Start the books on etiquette and Jurisprudence in principle to religious books nuances jihad. One is a green covered book bertulisan-in at the Zaman Awal.

About Ibrohim, after graduating STM unknown activities. Clear that, in 2002, he was a florist at the Hotel Mulia. Is seen from hill payroll Ibrohim. The list is the beginning salary for 2002, while the oldest is 2005. That testimony klop with colleagues Ibrohim mention that he worked as a florist since four years ago.

Ibrohim a friend, Andi Suhandi, rate Ibrohim very far from the impression sadistic character as well as the murderer of the soul tega. "Orangnya very well," said Andi in front of the Hotel Ritz-Carlton (23 / 7).

Andi had lived with Ibrohim in kontrakannya, Jalan Exauri, Kuningan Timur. "But, in May, he moved to the area Condet. I do not know exactly. The sister's house," he said. During their stay with, there is no activity Ibrohim felt strange. "I leave work, home work, sometimes returning to the place where his wife, Kuningan. That aja," he said.

In which they work, ie, Chynthia Florist, companies that supply the needs of interest Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott, Ibrohim also known as the figure who does not speak much. "He was not the type of person who's easy to anger," he said. Since the name called Ibrohim associated with bombardment, the office door Chynthia Florist in the Pearl Plaza Suit 103, next to JW Marriott, is always closed. "We have yet to know when bukanya. Nunggu announcement," he said.

Historical Ibrohim can also be a little dirunut some files from the job. He worked at PT Mulia Persada Tata (1992-1994). Based salary slip which the author found, Ibrohim also worked at Hotel Mulia Senayan (2002-2005). He moved to work Senayan Hotel Hilton (2005-2006) before finally becoming florist in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, and leave a thousand puzzles since July 17. (*) this article was taken from www.jawapos.com

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